What To Do When You Feel Your Home Is Not Large Enough For You?

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If you have no vehicle at the moment and have no plans of buying one in the near future, and if you don’t really need the additional space for anything else, chances are that your garage must be empty most of the time. Make money out of this empty and unused space. If your neighbors have a vehicle but no parking facilities; rent out this space to them for this purpose. You can even rent it out as a storage unit; provided that you make sure the outside weather will not have any ill effects on the things stored inside…

Are you feeling a little caged in your own home these day? If you are, chances are that it no longer fits you; as your space requirements might have grown. Here’s what you can do when you feel your home is not spacious enough for you anymore…

Try to figure out your “space eaters”

No, we are not talking about strange monsters that’s eating up the galaxy. We’re talking more about those things that take up most of your closet space, or space in your home in general. If you have children, their out grown things and toys can definitely feel like “space eaters”. Disposing of those outgrown things is the best solution in this case. Do you enjoy creative hobbies like crocheting or pottery? If you do, chances are that your creations might be cluttering up your home; simply because you don’t want to part with what you have created. Identifying these space eaters and dealing with them will automatically help make your space feel bigger.

Organize your belongings more successfully

As much as we’d like to do it for you, we can’t possibly let you know the best storage solution for you; not unless we see your home. Do a little research on storage methods, depending on the size of your home in general. Then select organizing and storage options that will suit you home and you. Take your home office and its clutter; Pallet racking or colby racking for example is great for someone with a large home office. Wall shelving units, on the other hand, is a much more suitable option for someone with a small home office.

Create the illusion of space

When there is a lack of space, it’s vital that you at least try to create an illusion of space so that you don’t feel cramped in. Using used pallet racking might solve your space problem, however, chances are that you still feel caged in. Use simple tricks like light colored walls and floors as well as light colored furniture to give your home a much roomier feel. Use smaller and multi purposed furniture whenever possible. Create the illusion of height by using dark ceilings or using long curtains. Make sure to install the curtain railing well beyond your window to create the illusion of taller windows.

Add to your home or move

If none of the above suggestions managed to give you the space that you require from your home, consider adding to your home. Yes, installation of more rooms counts as major renovations; and as a rule, they tend to be complicated. However, a little planning and the usage of the right professional help can actually help you get your job done in no time. If you don’t have an option of adding to your home, and nothing has really change with our suggested ideas, then perhaps it is time for moving homes after all…

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